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Park Bag Search Policy
Effective Monday September 1, 2008

Thanks for playing sports here at Victory Lane Sports Park. We need to make you aware of a park procedure that will be in place at the front gate effective September 1, 2008. We have had a serious problem with outside alcohol and other items getting into the park and have been unable to control this through other methods. Please see the procedure information below.

Bag Search Procedure - All park guests are subject to search prior to entering the park. This includes but is not limited to bat bags, back packs, carry bags and purses. Any park guest not willing to comply with search procedures will not be admitted. Guests found with any item which is prohibited or may be of an illegal nature (alcohol, drugs, firearms etc.) at entry are subject to an indefinite suspension and the park may choose to inform authorities.

No provisions are made to check items at the gate. - Items confiscated at entry will not be returned. Guests should return prohibited items to their vehicle or dispose of prior to entering the park. Park management is not responsible for items left behind. Possession of prohibited items inside the park is grounds for ejection and suspension from the park. Park management reserves the right to make the final decision on prohibited items. This park does not allow pets, outside food or drink, coolers or ice chests.

FYI - Here are some of the serious problems that outside alcohol causes here at the park :

  1. It is against the law and violates our park liquor license. As a park we are subject to $ 1,200 fines per occurrence
  2. Guests drinking outside alcohol are not under our control or supervision and become a liability for the park
  3. Food and drink sales are one of the necessary areas we generate revenue to pay our bills and keep up with maintenance and park improvements.
If you have any questions about anything please call 623-581-6000.

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